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Clean Water Project

by Franklin Sarpong
Created Nov 10, 2020 | Dompoase; Bono East Region, Ghana
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The United Nations Global Goal 6 entreats us to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Furthermore, the first of the six "outcome-oriented targets" is the availability, accessibility, and affordability of safe drinking water. The inclusion of water availability as a global goal stresses the importance of water for mankind. Safe and readily available water is essential for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use, food production, or recreational purposes. Governments worldwide, especially those in developing countries are striving to accomplish this goal among others for their citizenry. Nonetheless, the scarcity of resources constraints governments and public authorities in developing countries to adequately attend to this all-important goal.
The people of Dompoase in the Bono East Region of Ghana among other equally deprived communities have had to travel for more than five kilometers on daily basis for their water supply. Uncomfortable as this ordeal appears, roads that could have facilitated the process of getting water tankers to provide temporary clean water to the town of Dompoase are not motorable. Failure to travel the distance daily leaves people in the community to resort to dirty ponds as their source of water.
For this reason, the Water-for-All GH. the project team has decided to step in the gap for the people of Dompoase. Per a survey carried out by the Water-for-All team in the town, three ideal locations were identified for the construction of Drilled wells. These drilled wells would be constructed by using rotary-drilling machines that would drill several feet deep down the earth's crust and have casings installed. The Drilled wells were decided on by the project team members with the people in the town because of the low risk of water contamination. After drilling the water, the team plans on proving the community with at least three 10,000 liters water reservoirs to store purified water for the community.
This project when completed would cumulatively save people of Dompoase more than 70,000 economic man-hours, in addition to improving the health needs of the people. For this reason, we at Water-for-All is pleading with you to help donate your contribution to make this project a success and a reality.
  • Christopher Asare
    Christopher Asare donated ¢150

    Supporting a worthy cause

  • Selorm Adugu
    Selorm Adugu donated ¢200

    great project.

  • Maxwell Nimo
    Maxwell Nimo donated ¢150

    Great Work for my hometown.

  • Richard Mensah
    Richard Mensah donated ¢100

    continue your good works

  • Caleb Oppong
    Caleb Oppong donated ¢500
  • Dominique Renson
    Dominique Renson donated ¢500

    I love Africa

  • Frederick Cobina
    Frederick Cobina donated ¢4

    Water is Life, support today to save a Life

  • Kofi Boadi Owusu
    Kofi Boadi Owusu donated ¢5

    Water is life

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous donated ¢2.000

    Water is life..!

  • Yemo Aldoph
    Yemo Aldoph donated ¢100


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